The jollof rice is an authentic Liberian dish and it consists of a sauté made of cooked meats (chicken, bacon, shrimp or smoked pork – cut in cubes). Kanyah is a sweet vegetarian snack, made only of 3 ingredients: roasted peanuts, uncooked rice or rice flour and sugar; this meal is served immediately or stored in an air-tight container. One of the most consumed desserts in Liberia is the rice bread with mashed banana, which is eaten at any occasion, as it is considered a delicacy. The internal beef soup is prepared with stew beef, chopped tripe, tomato paste, coarse red pepper and black pepper and fresh tomatoes, a mixture which is simmered in water for one hour, until the meat gets tender; after that, it is combined with chopped onion and dried codfish and it is served with foo-foo or plain rice. A great vegetarian recipe is represented by the sweet potato pone, which includes grated raw potatoes, dark cane syrup, ground ginger, salt and vegetable oil.

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