The Liberian soups contain both veggies: potatoes, tomatoes and meat, like beef, fish and chicken. The internal beef soup is prepared with stew beef, chopped tripe, tomato paste, coarse red pepper and black pepper and fresh tomatoes, a mixture which is simmered in water for one hour, until the meat gets tender; after that, it is combined with chopped onion and dried codfish and then served with foo-foo or plain rice. Another soup that contains meat is the chicken peanut soup, prepared with cut chicken, tomato concentrate, diced potatoes, and peanut butter and flavored with black pepper. Another soup based on peanut is the simply called peanut soup, which also contains onions. The cassava leaf soup has numerous versions, but the most frequent one is made of chicken or other meat, red palm oil, cassava leaf, chopped onions and tomato paste. Other recipes of cassava soup include dried fish and chicken bouillon cubes.

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