Chicken meat or Tajeen Dajaj consists of tomato paste, black pepper, chilli pepper and chopped garlic. The meat has to be sliced into pieces, and marinated in the mixture of spices, tomato and garlic. After an hour the marinated chicken is put in the oven. Other tasty meat dishes are: curried turkey legs, or baked chicken with lemon and herbs. A very delicious Libyan soup consists of lamb meat cut into small pieces, oil or “samn” or vegetable ghee, onion, tomatoes, tomato paste, lemon, salt, orzo, salt, red pepper, Libyan spices or cinnamon. Cuscus bil-Bosla contains Cuscus, salt, oil, water, onions, butter, lamb meat, garbanzi beans, potatoes, jalapenos, chilli pepper, and tomato paste. In Libya the main items are couscous, which is boiled cereal and is used as a base for meat and potatoes. The meat is usually mutton, but it can be also replaced with chicken. If you love fish meat you should try horaimi which is prepared with leek, onions, garlic, olive oil, tomato paste, cumin, hot pepper, potatoes, fresh cilantro, and fish fillets.

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