The locto diet is also called the lacto diet and is considered to be one of the sub-categories of the vegetarian diet. It is based mainly on dairy products, but generally, only people who have been advised by a doctor keep a purely lacto diet. The majority of people decide to keep a lacto-vegetarian diet which is basicly a vegetarian diet that includes dairy products. There is also another type of diet, which is considered to be the most popular one, the ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. But, in a locto diet the use of eggs is totally excluded. The first thing that you should take into consideration while deciding to keep a diet is the reason you need the diet for. The reasons can, of course, vary a lot. Some people decide to keep a diet because they have wight problems, others because they experience cardiovascular or digestive system problems. These things are very important because not all diets are good for any kind of problem. For instance if someone suffers from irritations from products that contain gluten they should be vary careful while choosing a diet and analyse what kind of products will actually do their body good. The locto diet is the sort of diet that can usually be taken by everyone. The majority of the people who choose to keep this kind of diet are those who are overweight or suffer of obesity because this diet is a low calorie diet. This is mostly a vegetarian diet combined with dairy products and it will help people reduce their weight especially if it is combined with some kind of physical exercise. The locto diet is not a spectacular diet in the way that you will not lose weight rapidly, but it is very effective because it modifies your metabolism in such a way that that you won’t gain the weight back when you stop keeping it.

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