Low Calorie Diets

  • A low calorie diet is a special diet used with one purpose, and one purpose only: weight loss. It works on the simple mechanism of our body, where calories are the fuel that give us the energy for our daily activities, thus by reducing the number of calories to less than your body requires, it will start taking this fuel from your bodily fat, allowing you to lose weight.
  • Each food type contains a certain number of calories and nutritionists have designed several food tables that will show you exactly how many calories each of them has. The usual number of calories each person uses daily is somewhere around 1600 for women and 2000 for men, thus you need to calculate your calorie count for each day, to never exceed these numbers. Take into consideration that these numbers are used as a general calorie burn for an average, sedentary man and woman, so if you are an active person, these numbers could go up a few hundred units, allowing you to eat more daily calories.
  • To grasp all the benefits of a low calorie diet, you need to take two things into consideration: ambition and attention to detail. While the first one is quite obvious, meaning that you won’t go on a berserk food rage whenever you see a powdered doughnut or a hamburger, the second one could be quite tricky (although easier to obtain than ambition). You need to constantly be en guard for calories and look at every food label you get your hands on, to see exactly what that food’s calorie count is. Try and build up a constant menu from foods that you noticed to be in an adequate calorie range with what you are trying to achieve.
  • Be careful not to exaggerate with your diet, as eating a minimum amount of calories is necessary for your body to function properly. Try to never go under 800 – 1000 calories each day, no matter what your body weight is or how your metabolism burns fat. Some painful discomforts and diseases can be brought up by a very low calorie diet.
  • If you feel hungry all the time and are constantly attracted by those juicy, fat-friendly foods, there are a number of tricks that a lot of people use successfully. For example you could combine your low calorie diet with a high fiber diet, which will help you forget about the fact that you are hungry, because fibers take a lot more time to digest than anything else. Another trick you could use when feeling hungry, is to tell yourself that if you are hungry, that means your body is required to burn fat at the moment, being forced to loose weight. It will make it easier to grin your teeth and pass over the hunger pains. Last but not least, whenever you feel hungry, eat some fruit. Hunger is not always dictated by the stomach or body, but is sometimes produced by your brain, that “got used” with the habit to chew and digest something all the time. Therefore, by eating fruit, you give your brain and mouth the satisfaction of chewing and digesting something, while you avoid plunging unnecessary calories into your body.

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