Lunch is that meal that people usually take at noon or even in the early afternoon. The term developed from the older term “luncheon” and it is now used for what was years ago called “dinner”. Two centuries ago, when women didn’t use to work, men would come home for dinner. Dinner was usually cooked by the wives. But, there were some men who used to take their dinner at the club, thus their wives were free to leave the house. These ladies would usually have lunch with one another in restaurants.

Lunch consists of a variety of foods. There are different traditions about how to eat this meal in different parts of the world. Some places people eat similar things at noon as they eat at supper and in other places lunch is considered to be the main meal of the day, while supper is a smaller cold meal. People usually eat this meal at work or at school where it is generally provided for them. Some schools and work places provide cafeterias or, if not, people can go and have it at a nearby restaurant. There is also the possibility that all these facilities are not provided so it is quite impossible to make this meal the most important one of the day. This is when the lunchbox comes in handy. Usually the lunchbox consists of a sandwich and a fruit sometimes, and some people add to it cookies or even candy bars. The lunchbox is mainly used for children to eat at school. Grownups now have the microwave oven almost at every workplace and this thing has considerably changed the nature of lunch. Now people can eat at work the leftovers from the day before supper, or even frozen foods, not to mention the variety of foods that only need reheating.

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