The appetizers have a very important role in each cuisine, and the Macedonian cuisine makes no exception. The purpose of these foods are to increase the appetite, through their salty, astringent or spicy flavours. The Macedonians use many appetizer recipes and the most important, along with their local names, are

  • Ajvar
  • Bread - Leb
  • Heavy Cream - Kajmak
  • Jernikitz Peppers - Turshija
  • Pindzhur
  • Thick Jam - Slatko
  • Tarator
  • Turkish Coffee - Tursko Kafe

The stuffed peppers are very appreciated in this country. Also, people use meat dishes, such as Pastrmajlija as the starters. The spicy sauces that are based on garlic have a great popularity in Macedonia.

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