Appetizers are served by Malawian at celebrations or when a guest is visiting their home. Some of the Malawian appetizers are listed below.

Malawian pancakes are made from dry yeast, flour and baking soda. This is a tasty recipe, enjoyed very much by children.

Yellow melon muscadel is a traditional syrup used extensively in the preparation of fruit appetizers. Its ingredients are fruit juice, lemon juice, vinegar and ground ginger.

The recipe for Pink crepes with cream cheese filling is very easy to make and can have a lot of interpretations (make it into a sweet pancake with cinnamon-sugar or fold into a parcel). The main ingredients for this dish are fresh beet, cake flour, eggs, butter and milk. To prepare the filling you will need cream cheese, spring onions, fresh parsley, garlic, salt and milk.

Squash with peanuts is a simple but tasty appetizer. To make it you will only need oil, summer squash or zucchini, roasted peanuts, salt and brown sugar.

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