Chewa cuisine (Central Malawi) Edit

The Chewa tribe is the largest ethnic group in Malawi. Even if some of its members are scattered throughout the country, the majority live primarily in the Central Region. They practice shifting (slash-and-burn) agriculture and they hunt and fish. Slavery was once universal among the Chewa. Descent, inheritance, and succession are matrilineal and polygamy is general. Chewa settlements are governed by a hereditary headman and a council of elders. The Chewa cuisine is based mostly on fish. A traditional dish is Kanyenya. The main ingredients of this food are sunflower oil, fresh fish (utaka, micheni or mkakani), bread flour, chilli powder, garlic and lemon juice. This dish is usually served with Nsima.

Another traditional dish is Baked Fish and Eggplant. African eggplants are usually the smaller, bitterer kind, but any kind will do. Bitter eggplant cooked with hot chilli pepper is a common side dish in Chewa cuisine. Grilled Tilapia is one of the most popular recipes for fish. Tilapia grilling over a charcoal fire is a common sight in Chewa kitchens and on Malawian streets. Tilapia is seasoned with salt, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, juice of one lemon, sweet green pepper and vinegar. This dish goes great with an African hot sauce.

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