Malawi has a rich cuisine that contains many recipes made from diverse types of meat and vegetables. There are many crops grown in Malawi. Some are: potatoes, cassava, beans, maize, rice, and tea. Together with different types of meat, these vegetables are ingredients for Ndiwo, the popular Malawian relish. Below you can see some Ndiwo recipes.

Mkhwani with Groundnut (peanut) Flour is a popular Ndiwo made from pumpkin leaves, tomatoes and groundnut flour. The leaves of the pumpkin are considered by the Malawians every bit as tasty as the pumpkin itself.

Futali is another very popular Ndiwo. Its main ingredients are pumpkin, sweet potato, cassava, green bananas, groundnut flour and salt.

For breakfast, many Malawians eat Ngaiwa Phala, a porridge sweetened with a lot of sugar. People in this country eat Fried White Ants as snacks. This dish is prepared by boiling the one day-old white ants in water with salt. A popular Malawian dessert is Banana Fritters, made using ripe bananas, ufa, salt and sugar.

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