Salad is not a traditional food in the Malawian cuisine. The salad recipes have emerged in the last decades, as a result of the European cuisine. Some salad recipes are listed below.

Artichoke Salad with Oranges is served as a dessert at special occasions. Its main ingredients are artichokes, oranges, radishes, Kalamata olives, sweet paprika and lemon.

Green Bean Salad is made from fresh green beans, lemon juice, pepper, sweet white onions, and stuffed green olives. It is a very light salad that can accompany the main dish or can be served as an appetizer.

Rock Lobster Tail Salad is a bit harder to make, but the taste is worth it. You will need lobster tails, lemon, curry powder, mayonnaise, paprika, ground ginger, celery, honeydew melon and lemon wedges.

Slaphakskeentjies is an easy to make onion salad that is delicious with all meats. The main ingredients you need to prepare this salad are onions (the small pickling kind), eggs, sugar, mustard powder, white pepper and cider vinegar or wine vinegar or grape vinegar.

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