The Malawians often eat insects as snacks. There are many recipes for snacks made from insects. Among them, two of the most popular are Caterpillars snack and Fried White Ants snack. The Malawians remove the insides of the caterpillars and throw them away and keep the skins. They take the skin and lay it out to dry. When they are dry, they salt the skins and eat them. The white ants are boiled, salted and served cold.

Mbatata Biscuts are a popular snack made from sweet potatoes, sifted flour and milk. They are very popular especially among children.

Kashata is a popular snack between candy and cookie. Kashata are usually made with peanuts or grated coconut, or both. Kashata are made on the stove or over a fire, not in an oven as usual.

Mandazi are Malawian fried breads similar to doughnuts but less sweet. They are eaten with tea or coffee for breakfast, for a snack anytime, and with the main course for lunch or dinner.

Moyin-Moyin is a unique and delicious way to prepare black-eyed peas or other beans. This snack is a sort of savoury bean pudding. The traditional way to cook Moyin-Moyin is to wrap it in leaves (such as banana leaves) and steam it.

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