There are many Malaysian appetizers in the Malaysian cuisine. The most popular one among the Malays and the tourists of Malaysia is perhaps the Roti Canai. This Malaysian favourite appetizer is a home made dough hand tossed, pan-fried and fluffed in the classic tradition. This Pancake is served with spicy curry chicken and dipping sauce or mild peanut dipping sauce. Roti Telur is another traditional pancake filled with eggs and onions and is served with curry chicken sauce. The Malaysian Satay Bean Curd is a one of the most common appetizers that you will find in the Malaysian cuisine. Choice of beef or chicken skewers in a special barbeque marinade and charcoal grilled to perfection can vary when you are cooking this appetizer. Satays are always served with the mouth-watering peanut sauce. Penang Poh Piah is another delicately fine appetizer, it is a steamed Malaysian spring roll stuffed with Jicama, sprouts, cucumber, and minced shrimp which is commonly topped with chilli sauce. You can find a vegetarian version of this appetizer too without the minced shrimp.

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