There are many scrumptious and delicately prepared Malaysian recipes in the Malaysian Cuisine. Most of the Malaysian recipes are not at all difficult to make. You can find abundant Malaysian Recipe books and also plenty over the Internet. It can be difficult to find authentic Malay food in Malaysian restaurants, but the recipes to the Malay food are quite easily food. One of the most popular Malaysian recipes in the Malaysian cuisine is of the dish Nyona, this is a local and very common dish in Malaysia. It is a local variation on Chinese and Malay food, which requires Chinese and Malaysian ingredients and local spices of Malaysia. Satays are an authentic Malaysian creation, which has meat Kebabs in a spicy peanut sauce and they are found all over Malaysia. Other Malaysian recipes include dishes where fried soybean curd in peanut sauce is used, sour tamarind fish in curry, fiery curry prawn and spiced curried meat in coconut marinade. Most of the Muslim-Indian recipes in the Malaysian cuisine have evolved into a distinct Malaysian style. The Malaysian recipes also include a variety of delicious tropical fruits and fruit juices, sweet concoctions found in the Malaysian recipes include Cendl (sugar syrup, coconut milk and green coloured noodles) and also Ais Kacang (beans and jellies topped with shaved ice, syrups and condensed milk)

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