There are not many traditional salads that you will find in the Malaysian cuisine. Nevertheless, three very popular Malaysian salads are the Achat Salad, Asinan and Rujak Medan. The Achat Salad is a sweet and tangy mix of vegetables that is pickled in turmeric powder and exotic spicy herbs. Achat is commonly served with sesame seed and sprinkled with peanuts. The Asinan salad is a sweet and sour cucumber salad. Onions, Thai chilli dressing, vinegar and garlic powder are the main ingredients of this salad. It is commonly served along with a spicy Malaysian meat dish. The Rujak Medan salad is spiced fruit salad and is indeed very delicious. It is made from cucumbers. It has thinly sliced Jicama, ripe papaya, some fresh or canned ripe pineapples. Pears, apples, roasted peanuts, hot red chillies which are sometimes sliced or simply left seeded, some bananas and a lot of brown sugar. The Rujak Medan is a widely prepared salad in Malaysia and probably one of the best in the Malaysian Cuisine.

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