Malaysian cuisine is yummy, exotic and exciting. Its stimulating flavours and culinary styles will whip just about anyone into an endless gastronomic frenzy. Comprising of three main groups namely Malay, Chinese and Indian, Malaysian food has become a fusion of the three and more, making it one of the world's most unique cuisine. One of the most popular Malaysian snacks in the Malaysian cuisine are the Dim sum which are steamed snacks that can be found at hotel outlets, large chain restaurants, Malay recipe books, and kopitiam (coffeeshops). Dim sum is like the Chinese version of the Japanese sushi. The difference is this: dim sum is hot while sushi is cold. Another famous Malaysian snack is the Wonton Mee. This is a special noodle and egg snack that is served with minced pork and shrimp, sometimes lamb meat or chicken is used instead of pork. It is served in a chicken broth. This noodle dish is also prepared in special Malaysian dry style with home made soy sauce.

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