In the Malaysian cuisine there are many delicious Malaysian soups. This all rounder hot and sour soup found world-over is traditionally prepared by the Malays with bean curd, woodear, straw mushrooms, and pork in a thick hot and sour broth. Instead of pork, chicken cubes are mostly added. The Seafood Tomyam Soup is a favourite among the Malays which is made out of scallop, squid, shrimp, carrots, snow peas, onion, straw mushrooms and cilantro in a very spicy and sour lemongrass broth. Another unique Malaysian soup is the, Sour Cabbage, Pork, and Shrimp with Bean Curd soup. Seafood with seaweed is yet another common soup that you will find in the Malaysian cuisine. Its main ingredients are seaweed, scallop, squid, baby corn, mushrooms, scallion and egg in a clear broth. Probably one of the most famous Malaysian soups that you will find is the traditional Bah Kut Teh, which is made out of spareribs, pork belly, pork pieces and mushrooms in a Chinese herb broth.

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