In the Malaysian cuisine there are many vegetarian dishes to cook from. Some of the most renowned ones are like the Kang Kung Belachan, this is a delightful sautéed vegetable dish served with original Malaysian Belachan shrimp paste sauce. Kang Kung can also be sautéed in chef’s special garlic sauce for strict vegetarians. Eggplant Belachan is another vegetarian dish which is made from fresh eggplant, lightly fried and sautéed with shrimp paste or garlic sauce. The Malaysian Buddhist Delight is an assortment of fresh mixed vegetables with bean curd skin, glass vermicelli and Chinese mushrooms. This is a classic and flavoursome vegetarian dish! It is also very popular in the Malaysian cuisine. Tofu Thai style, a friend bean curd sautéed with baby corn, snow peas, mushrooms, red peppers, green peppers, carrots topped with red chilli spicy sauce is a few of the most lip-licking Malaysian vegetarian dishes that you will find.

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