A delicious Manx recipe is Smoked Cheddar Cheese with Filo Pastry Tarts; the main ingredients are smoked cheese, flour, eggs, pastry, salt and baking powder. There are many British recipes cooked in Manx cuisine such as black peppercorn cheddar curry crisps, cheddar cheese and rosemary shortbread. In order to cook Courgette, Garlic and Chive Clafoutis you need garlic and chive cheddar finely sliced, plain flour, eggs, milk, sliced courgettes, fresh rosemary, salt and pepper. A delicious Manx recipe is Garlic and Chive Cheese recipe made with grated garlic and chive, plain flour, butter, chopped pecan or walnuts, egg yolk, cold water, salt and pepper.

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