Most cuisines have a combination of different meat dishes. These are usually vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Normally, in cuisines, you will come across a balance in the number of these dishes. However, some cuisines have an imbalance in the number of these dishes, with some having more non-vegetarian dishes and some having more vegetarian ones. In Marathi cuisine, there are dishes that are normally made of vegetables and pulses. In these kinds of dishes, a wide range of spices and ingredients are used. Some of these include: ginger, peppercorns, cumin seeds, cloves, cinnamon, peppers, cloves garlic, red dried chilies, vinegar, oil, coconut, green chilies, peppers, onion and salt. In spite of the lack of meat dishes in this cuisine, Marathi cuisine has some of the tastiest dishes because of the number and proportions of ingredients and spices it uses in its foods. It is known as one of the tastiest dishes in Marathi cuisine.

Though the number of meat dishes is largely outnumbered, there are still some meat dishes in Marathi cuisine. Some of the popular snacks include: tandoori chicken, seekh kebabs, baida roti, which is an egg roti stuffed with minced meat, and fish koliwada.

In addition to these smaller snacks made from meat, there are other dishes made from meat in this cuisine, but they are normally seen at banquets. Largely, you will find the vegetarian dishes cooked in Marathi cuisine.

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