In every cuisine there are different kind of snacks, and the same goes for Marathi cuisine, which has a number of snacks. These are of various kinds and are made from different food substances. Some of the snacks that can be consumed almost at any time of the day are briefly described below:

  • Nankatai Indian biscuits; these are Indian biscuits that are well known and are a great treat to have at teatime.
  • Spinach Rolls; these are of different varieties, and are believed to be similar to aluchi vadi.
  • Semolina pancakes; this is a quick snack to make with semolina and veggies.
  • Surlichya vadya is well known snack made from gram flour. It is also quite well known as Khandvi
  • Vegetable puffs are also known as vegetable patties. They are baked patties stuffed with mixed vegetables
  • Vegetable cutlet: These are deep fried patties that have a mix of vegetables. They have a nice crunch to them
  • Vegetable pizza is a homemade treat made with vegetable toppings.

Snacks in Marathi cuisine are of various kinds. Indeed, there are several more to mention than the ones mentioned above, and usually people tend to be quite creative when they decide to make snacks. This is because they improvise a bit and create newer delights. That is perhaps another thrill of snacks in Marathi cuisine.

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