No cuisine can be quite complete without having a significant number of vegetarian dishes on its side. Indeed, there are many vegetarian dishes in Marathi cuisine and other cuisine related to it in nearby regions. However, Marathi cuisine has a wide range of vegetarian dishes that are simply delicious. Below are few dishes that are vegetarian ones. Each of them is interestingly simple because they are simple to make and are also nutritious.

Simple Potato Bhaaji is a very popular dish, which is a bhaaji of potato. It is known to go well with puris. This makes a good snack too and can be eaten at any time. If you want to skip a heavy lunch, this is a good way to tide your tummy over.

Another nice vegetarian dish is Baby Potato Bhaaji. It is also known as Batatyachi thecha bhaaji, and is made from crushed baby potatoes. This is a very different or even unusual style of cooking up a potato bhaaji.

Okra Bhaaji, which is also known as Bhendichi bhaaji-kaachrya, is a crisp and tasty dry bhaaji made form Okra.

Stuffed Okra Bhaaji, which is also known as Bharleli bhendichi bhaaji includes okra stuffed with coconut, peanut powder and different spices spices.

Another interesting and delicious vegetarian dish is Gherkins Bhaaji, which is also known as Tondlichi bhaaji-kaachrya. It is a crisp bhaaji made from gherkins.

Stuffed Gherkins Bhaaji, which is known as Bharleli tondlichi bhaaji, includes gherkins being stuffed with gram flour and some wonderful spices.

Green Bell Peppers Bhaaji is also known as Simla Mirchi chi peeth perun bhaaji. This is a crisp dish made from bell peppers and a coating made from chickpea flour.

Cabbage Bhaaji, which is known as Kobi chi bhaaji is bhaaji made from cabbage and chana dal.

In addition to these vegetarian dishes, there are also the following:

* Cauliflower Bhaaji (Flower chi bhaaji)

  • Cauliflower-Cabbage Mix Curry (Flower-kobi bhaaji)
  • Cauliflower-Potato Curry (Flower-Batata rassa)
  • Eggplant Curry (Vangyache bharit)
  • Potato Curry (Batatyacha rassa - Chinch-gulacha)
  • Potato Curry (Batatyacha rassa)

With these vegetarian dishes and many others, Marathi cuisine is quite a complete one.

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