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About Melons Edit

Melons, are noted by their tough exterior rind/skin and sweet and moist flesh. Most melons are ill suited for cooking, as they possess far too much moisture. Most melons are frequently either sliced and served raw or blended into soup, sorbets or ice cream. Bellow is a list of some of the varieties of melon.

Melons are a fruit of the Cucurbitaceae family, the same family which is shared with cucumbers, squash, and luffas. Melons typically grow on a vine and tend to grow best in sandy, well-aerated and well-watered soil free of weeds. Melons range in size, typically as small 6 inches in diameter to larger, 15 pound varieties which are usually around 20 x 12 inches. Melons come in a variety of colors, with fleshes colored red, pink, orange, yellow and green respectively.

Common Melon Uses Edit

Most melons are ill suited for cooking, as the sweet and moist flesh of the fruit makes for few culinary avenues. Melons are typically either cut up and served raw, sometimes with sugar or some form a fruit dip. Melons are also sometimes blended into other dishes such as salsa, sorbet, ice cream, or served with other deserts.

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