Ground beef is used for many Mexican meat based meals: been and beef shapoulupias (pint beans with beef bullion and topped with ground beef), the traditional Mexican pizza (with refried beans and salsa cheese), the Mexican lasagna or beef nacho casserole (with many layers of ground beef, tortilla chips, corn and cheese, baked under a topping of creamy cheese). Sausages are also used in burritos and they are cooked on the grill or served as raviolis. Chicken is used for the lime chicken soft tacos, which have a filling of vinegar, sugar, onion, oregano and spices, for the green Chile chicken enchilada casserole, or for the grilled chicken quesadillas (with chili peppers, olives, cheese and adobo seasoning and cut in bite sized pieces). Turkey is the main element for the: turkey burgers with pico de gallo or the Mexican turkey stuffed shells. There are many meals that include more than one kind of meat: Mexican botana platter (with beef and chicken fajita) or paella (with sausage, chicken and shrimp).

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