The Mexican salads and salsas are made with vegetables, exotic fruits, chips, spices, but not many of them include meat. Beans are a common salad ingredient: the very colorful black bean salad (with tomatoes, cucumbers and corn), cottage cheese, avocado and black bean salsa, or black beans con jalapenos with hot and sweet peppers. Avocado is used for the avocado feta salsa and the avocado mango salsa, which are eaten with tortilla chips, chicken or pork. Among the most used veggies for the Mexican salads, there are the cucumbers and tomatoes: cool cucumber salad with jalapeno, garden tomatoes salad, the refreshing cucumber salsa or the tomatoes celery salsa in tomatoes juice. Some salads that contain meat are the confetti chicken salad, with lime, chili powder, cilantro and jalapeno pepper, the turkey taco salad, made with zesty dressing, lemon juice, vinegar and tortilla chips and taco sauce and the Italian taco salad with ground beef and two kinds of cheese.

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