It is very easy to be a vegetarian in Mexico, due to the wide range of bean and corn based meals. The black beans are used a lot in the vegetarian menu, as these contain a wide number of nutrients, especially proteins that substitute meat. Beans and black beans are prepared as mixtures with spices, in salsas (mango tango bean salsa), mashed, simply boiled or sweetened. Zucchini, called calabacitas can be prepared in a vegetarian style, too, if they are prepared by excluding the cheese topping. Salsas are in almost all cases vegetarian: tomatoes and chilies salsa or cucumber one is eaten with vegetable oil fried chips and corn nachos. Fideo includes a toasted pasta, and then simmered in a tomatoes sauce, which is flavored with cumin and chili powder. The grilled Chile rellenos is a very spicy vegetarian meal, due to the chipotles and it is also meatless and fatless. Rice is also another vegetarian option, and it can be salty or sweet, leavened or unleavened, plain white or complexly cooked.

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