Moroccan meat dishes cuisine is based on lamb, chicken, beef, rabbit, duck, pork, poultry, sausage, veal, turkey and venison. From all these you can prepare lots of dishes as it follows: beef stroganoff, blackened beef stir-fry, braised short ribs, brandied beef roast, cranberry-port pot roast, grilled tea spiced NY strip steak, Jersey beef, New England boiled dinner, Oktoberfest savoury pot roast, peppered beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce, porterhouse steak, prime rib roast, tea braised hanger steak with root vegetables, or tenderloin of beef with walnut-port stuffing. From chicken meat you can prepare balsamic chicken with vegetables, charcoal-grilled chicken, chicken with Feta cheese sauce, chicken curry, chicken heaven, chicken roll-ups, chicken and spinach turnovers, fennel pollen roasted chicken, garlic chicken bites with tomato-raisin sauce, honey sesame chicken, oriental honey lemon chicken, rosemary chicken and vegetables, and tea smoked chicken. From lamb meat you can cook braised lamb shanks or broiled lamb chops with papaya chutney while pork meat can be used in cooking crown roast of pork, Easter ham, glazed pork with apples, herbed pork chops with apples, Italian pork pot roast or many other delicious meat dishes.

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