Some of the tastiest Moroccan recipes are: spiced olives, Moroccan carrot soup, spicy wrapped meatballs, mezgaldi of onions, and spiced bean and lentil soup. Nevertheless, Moroccan people will never refuse serving having harira, which is their national soup and which can be prepared using your favourite ingredients. However, the classical Moroccan soup needs bouillon, tedouira, mutton meat or beef cut into tiny pieces, little fleshy bones, onions, a half coffee spoonful of saffron and one coffee spoonful of pepper, salt, lentil, and water. If you want to prepare a chorba fassia or fassi chorba or 6 persons, you need carrots, calf meat potatoes, celery, turnips, tomatoes, 1 onion, parsley, oil, pepper, saffron, and vermicelli. You cut the vegetables into small pieces, except for tomatoes, and then introduce them into a boiler, adding meat and then the water and put them on heat until they begin to boil. The tomatoes should be added at the end and then you leave the boiler on a medium fire for almost 60 minutes.

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