The traditional Mozambican food is the maize or the corn. Most of the Mozambican meals contain maize as the main ingredient. Sometimes, the maize is grounded into the flour which is used in cooking different dishes. One of these dishes mentioned above is the “Mealie” which is like the porridge cereal. The chicken meat is usually cooked over an open fire and often eaten with rice. Rice can be a luxury ingredient to some villagers in the northern region of Mozambique because it isn’t cultivated there and that’s why it is pretty expensive. The bananas and the cashew nuts are used in most Mozambican dishes. The Mozambicans are consuming a lot of goat’s milk, fish and fresh seafood. Most Mozambican dishes are cooked over an open fire. The Mozambican diet is encouraged to use more fresh vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, onions, potatoes or cabbage. The goat meat dishes are prepared with vegetables and are very popular in the central and the northern region of Mozambique. The Mozambican dinner consists in a chilled appetizer and delicious soups are served next. The entrée is usually served in large bowls and the traditional “Piri piri”, the hot pepper sauce is served in a small bowl. The Mozambican cuisine requires bread only for some dishes. Usually the entrée is served with fresh salads. A Mozambican specialty is macerated fruits in port wine. “Matata” is a traditional Mozambican appetizer made of pumpkin leaves or spinach, clams, peanuts and tender young greens.

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