The Nepalese appetizers range from simple and fresh to complicated and baked meals, with complex recipes and tastes. The simplest appetizer is the gundruk, a recipe meaning dried and marinated green vegetable leaves, which can also be the base for sour soups. The appetizer can also consist in a soup, the case of klwati, which is full with beans and it is eaten mostly on celebrations. The most complex appetizer is the chatamari, which resembles to the Italian pizza or the Indian dosa, as it also has dough. The dough is similar to a bread and has toppings as minced meat, eggs and vegetables. Sometimes, the simple bread is consumed, without toppings, or sugared with simple white sugar. Meat is also used for the sukuti, which consists of spicy meat roasted over the fire or for the choyla, also including grilled and spicy meat, served with a traditional liquor.

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