Nepalese cuisine is inflected by the Indian, the Chinese and the Tibetan ones. The main dishes are the dal (lentil soup or lentil sauce, made of black, red and yellow Nepalese lentils), eaten with rice, the sag (green vegetables – spinach), with mustard and rice, masu (buffalo and pork meat with different curry spices), served with rice, the steamed rice as bhat and the tarkai (vegetables in curry and broth). The Newar dishes include the dal (lentil soup), tsampa and chapatis, made with raw grains and milk, spiced vegetables and sweets like jelabi, laddus and mukdals. In the area of Terai, situated in the southern part of the country, the Indian foods are very popular, as opposed to the traditional Newar cuisine. The dal-bhat-tarkari is such a meal, which combines rice with lentil and curry vegetables, prepared as preferred. Meat dishes range, but beef is forbidden on religious considerations.

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