The main ingredients for the Nepalese desserts are the milk (and its derivates, such as yoghurt or curd), the flour, the rice and the fruits (bananas and dried fruits). A creamy dessert is the juju dhau, literally meaning “king”; this is original from Bhaktapur. The milk desserts include: rasbari or milk balls (simply made just out of milk, sugar and vinegar and served cold), the burfi milk cakes (with cheese and cup ghee), the semolina pudding, also known as the suji ko halwa (including raisins, nuts and cardamom), the peda (with pistachio, lemon juice and ghee) and the kheer or the Nepali rice pudding. There are some Nepalese droughts, too, called sel roti and meaning crispy rice droughts. these are prepared with long grain rice, ripe banana, flour, and oil for frying. Other original desserts are the carrot and the suji halva, gulab jamuns, the mango ice-cream, rasgoola and sewiam (vermicelli).

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