The noodle soups: thupka, kathmandu, spicy shrimp noodle soup and mulligatawny are made with chicken or lamb, garlic, tofu or coconut, carrots and flavored with ginger. The simplest appetizer is the gundruk, a simple recipe meaning dried and marinated green vegetable leaves and the most complex appetizer is the chatamari, which resembles to the Italian pizza or the Indian dosa, as it also has dough. The main ingredients for the Nepalese desserts are the milk (and its derivates, such as yoghurt or curd), the flour, the rice and the fruits (bananas and dried fruits). The aalu wala, the beans and bamboo shoots, the vegetable momo, the mustard greens, the thukpa, the potatoes salads, the quanti and the pumpkin vine tips are the most important and delicious Nepalese vegetarian meals. Lamb is prepared in various ways: marinated, grilled, and stewed or as a steak, chicken is cooked with veggies, simply grilled or creamy with various spices and seafood and fish resume to shrimps, cooked as gorkhali, bhutuwa, sekuwa and chwyela shrimp and to fish (trout).

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