Guinea desserts can be either sweet of very salty and spicy. For instance the dish called Futari represents a fine combination of all these three. Made in the same time with onion, yams, hubbard squash or sweet pumpkin, coconut milk, ground cinnamon and ground coves this dish get an exquisite taste and flavor and can be served either hot or cooled. Still, people who ate this kind of dish say that is better to serve it hot so that the power of all ingredients and all flavors could melt in your mouth. The sweetness of a Guinea dessert compensates the salty and spicy dishes served for the main course. Besides cooked desserts very famous in Guinea are fresh exotic fruits. Fruits are being consumed either as snack food or as light desserts. In the Guinea culture no good meal is complete without a dessert. Guinea, and generally all African cuisine, is known as being very complex. Things are quite the same when it comes to Guinea desserts. One will be surprised of the great variety of desserts that can be found here depending in which part of the county he goes.

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