Nigerian appetizers can often be served as snacks as well as meal-openers. They are usually made of corn or grains, peas or interesting fried fish species. Swordfish kebabs are served in restaurants with salad, pitta bread and hummous and make for a great appetizer. Other appetizers include the white fish and black-eyed-peas, saffron potatoes, peanut soup, fried plantains, vegetable rolls and bean cake. Exotic fruits can be served in a fruit salad as appetizers before dinner, and avocado salsas can be served as dipping sauces for fresh bread sticks. Nigerian eggplant dip is served as appetizer in many restaurants across the world, being a delicious blend of peeled and sliced baked eggplant, sesame seeds, lemon juice and parsley. Other dipping sauces will include ground melon seeds, dried mango seeds, jute leaves, and okra. Corn bread and simmered cassava can be served before dinner as well. Most of the appetizers will be served accompanied by palm wines.

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