The Nigerian cuisine relies very much on grain, cornmeal and starch food. Also, meat products are very popular. Goat meat is definitely the staple of meat recipes, there being a lot of meals that include it. Palm oil is the most popular one, obtained from ground palm kernels. Chicken and fish are served with legumes such as groundnuts (peanuts), beans, okra or spinach, and starchy vegetables such as cassava, rice and yams. Jollof Rice is a special Nigerian dish, containing tomatoes, onions and spices. Fried Plantains are a delicacy served as part of desserts as well as consistent meals. For dessert, the Puff Puffs, spheres of lightly sugared fried dough that resemble doughnut holes, are the great attraction in most restaurants, typically served with sprinkled sugar. Fruits and vegetables are widely used for desserts, snacks and even consistent meals, and the most available ones are oranges, bananas, pineapples, tangerines, carrots, watermelons, guava, melons, limes, grape fruits, mangos.

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