Nigerian desserts include traditional recipes made at home, as well as some fancier ones served in restaurants. Puff puffs are a traditional Nigerian dessert made from flour, sugar and yeast, and the chin-chin are the Nigerian cookies made with eggs and milk. The puff puffs are usually cut in shapes and fried in hot vegetable oil. They go great with sugar on top, or filed with strawberry jams. Dodo is another Nigerian dessert, consisting actually in fried plantains in vegetable oil until they get a yellowish or brown color. Other Nigerian desserts include a range of exotic fruits mixed with ginger and coconut milk, or served with liquor and whipped cream, or fruit purees folded into soft custard or whipped cream. Ice cream is a big part of the Nigerian dessert menu, and comes in many flavors with different sauces, like coconut ice cream in strawberry-pineapple sauce, mango, avocado and cinnamon ice-cream. Orange and chocolate parfait and rainbow parfait are usually served in restaurants.

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