Meat dishes in the Nigerian cuisine are very much based on stews. Beef, fish, lamb and goat meats are some of the most used types of meat, and are often simmered in spicy tomato juice. Beef spinach stew, groundnut stew and Egusi (a hot stew made with meat and red peppers) are just some of the most delicious Nigerian stews. Fish is also very common in many dishes, and is used as fried fish, or most often smoked and dried. Beef and pork are also preserved during summertime by being salted and smoked. Pork or beef can be served with Jollof rice in most cases, and spiced with bay leafs, chilies and curry sauces. Other meat dishes include the lamb tagine with prunes (lamb stewed in mild aromatic sauce), shrimp pancakes, crap and lobster stews, and Sega Wat (meat stewed in spiced butter sauce), an Ethiopian dish served in Nigeria as well. Fried fish is usually served with Jolof rice or with black-eyed peas.

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