Some of the Nigerian delicious snacks include yam chips, meat pastries and fried plantains. They are usually served in-between meals and can be accompanied by dipping sauces or served plain. Avocado with groundnut dressing can be served as a snack as well as an appetizer before dinner, and mafe is another great snack consisting of chicken and peanut stew. Crunchy snacks include Cajun hot sticks, and Nigerian spiced peanuts, as well as benne cakes, which are sweet sesame cookies.

Kebabs, especially made with beef or chicken, are great as a more consistent Nigerian snack. They can be spicy or milder depending on the sauces added to the snack, and are usually consumed by people in a hurry, and can be bought on the streets. Other Nigerian snacks include the futari, a tasty combination of squash, yams, and coconut milk, and exotic fruits mixed in a salad or consumed plain as they are.

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