Most of the Nigerian soups come available as stews, served from deep serving dishes, or as thick traditional soups. Beef and shrimp stews are some of the most delicious recipes, served in spicy tomato juice, and Egusi is a hot stew with meat and red peppers. Regular soups include the Nigerian pepper soup, the chicken soup with vegetables, and the regular vegetable soup, called Efo. Goat head is used for a pepper soup, called Isi-ewu, and is a specific Nigerian dish. There is also peanut soup, containing Jalapeno peppers, green bell peppers and onion as additional to chunky peanuts, served most often in restaurants as an appetizer. The sugar pumpkin or squash soup is a great traditional soup, served in all regions, and also outside Nigeria as well. Most soups, especially creamy ones like the peanut soup, are served with whole meal bread, and even cornbread. Some other Nigerian soups include the okra soup and the white rice pepper soup, seasoned with different condiments depending on the country’s region and various tastes.

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