If you are vegetarian, you can find a lot of dishes for your taste in the Nigerian cuisine. Tuwo, made from maize, corn rice or millet, and Efo (vegetable soup cooked with ground melon seeds and mustard greens cooked in tomatoes juice) are very popular dishes and can be served in most parts of the country. Fufu, made from cassava, is a special Nigerian dish, and a consistent vegetarian meal. Also, there is the jollof rice (cooked with tomatoes and spices), egusi, asaro (yam porridge), and ewudh and okra (jute leaves and okra), which will most definitely taste interesting. Exotic fruits mixed in a delicious salad, and fried plantains are great for a vegetarian meal. Also, you have additional options, such as the fried black-eyed peas with spicy sauces, green beans and baked eggplants. Eggplant dip is a savory dish served as an appetizer for a complete vegetarian meal.

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