An eloquent teaser to an Omani meal is Mezzo, or a selection of appetizers. Thus, there are cold Mezzos like Hummus, Tivouleh and Fitoush, and hot Mezzos, such as Kibbeh, which means minced lamb stuffing. Shaslik is another famous Mezzo and it consists of lamb marinated and grilled over a charcoal fire, while Babghoush is eggplant baked and grilled. Its flesh is mixed with lemon juice, garlic, and sesame paste, and blended with onion, olive oil and garlic. Due to the fact that Oman is characterized by a hot climate, another popular dish prepared here is salted Lassi flavoured with cardamom. An excellent dish, except the halwa, is mashed fresh dates with sesame, ghee, saffron, and cardamom, which is deep fried, and served with Omani coffee from time to time. Coffee is this region is always made of special coffee beans.

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