History of Oolong TeaEdit

There are several variations of the Oolong tea – let’s have a look at the most famous of them.

Dong Ding is the name of a mountain in Taiwan and Dong Ding Oolong tea is one of the most famous Oolong tea flavors in the world. The word "Dong" means "chill" in Chinese and the word "Ding" means "top". The history of Oolong tea takes us back to the times when the best tea required you to climb up the mountain and get it. As the ground was cold and humid, people had to climb up bare footed in order to avoid slipping.

Vinca Rose Oolong Tea is a new breed of oolong created in Taiwan in the 1960’s. It is a mix breed of Tiehkuayin tea and Oolong tea. Originally, the name of the tea was called "Aan Pou tea". In 1973, Chiag Kai-Shek's son, Chiang Jian-Kuo who was the prime minister of Taiwan went to Aan-Pou to visit the tea farmers and was served with local tea called "Aan Pou tea". He decided to change the name to something more attractive and Vinca Rose Oolong Tea became popular soon after.

Tieh Kuan Yin Tea is a Buddhist name, in which Kuan refers to Kuanyin, one of the gods of Buddhism. The story goes that a very religious farmer prayed to Kuanyin every day with a cup of tea. One day, he stumbled across a tea bush growing on a large stone. He took the tea bush back home and planted it, noticing that the flavor of the tea it produced was excellent. The farmer believed it to be a gift from Kuanyin, and because the leaves had a rusty red color, he named it Tiehkuanyin (Tieh means iron in Chinese).

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