The Ovo Lacto Diet

  • The Ovo Lacto diet is a vegetarian diet, which incorporates dairy products (Lacto) in combination with eggs (Ovo) and is one of the most common vegetarian diets around. This diet is known to have some extremely important benefits over normal diets, and is very popular for both those with weight problems and those that have a disease that needs to be ameliorated through a healthy diet.
  • In general, vegetarian diets are healthier than the average diet, especially because they help prevent diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases. In addition, a vegetarian diet will keep your body “fat-free” and you will soon get in shape if you strictly follow a vegetarian diet. Also it has been proven that people who follow a vegetarian diet have less of a chance to develop diseases like diabetes, obesity, gallstones or kidney stones. The reason behind these facts is that a vegetarian diet contains less or almost no cholesterol, animal fats and have more fiber and antioxidants.
  • Scientists have proven that a person suffering from obesity can loose up to 10 pounds each month by following an Ovo Lacto diet. The reason for this extreme weight-loss is the fact that eggs and dairy products contain less carbohydrates and fat when compared to animal meat and sweets. The subjects also felt more in shape then ever, since this diet provided them with all the basic vitamins and proteins a body requires each day. The weight-loss could have been even bigger, but the scientists calculated the daily fat values and calories so that the subjects would only loose 10 pounds each month, because loosing more could have become unhealthy.
  • So if you’re suffering from a disease like diabetes, heart problems or want to avoid cancer and several other medical problems, an Ovo Lacto diet is just what you need. Also if you need to loose weight and don’t want to end up sick or stripped of any energy in your body after a diet, the vegetarian Ovo Lacto diet can prove miraculous.

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