The favorite drink of the Pakistanis is sweet hot black tea with milk. Sometimes they add ginger powder to it. Tea is usually served with sweets, molasses and nardek (the boiled out pulp of ripe watermelon cultivated in Belugistan). Moreover, one of the most common beverages is the Almond beverage. It is made from almonds that are grounded. It is a true delightful drink to have in the summer time. Pakistanis also have abundant fresh fruit juices that sometimes require a pinch of salt in them as they can be sweet and a little tangy. The Anar (pomegranate), carrot and apple beverages are common. Sugar cane juice beverage is another traditional Pakistani beverage, commonly found in the rural areas of Pakistan but also in the urbanized areas. As Pakistan is a declared Islamic state, therefore you will not find any alcoholic beverages in the cuisine of Pakistan. Nevertheless the true authentic and traditional Pakistani beverages are very unique in their specific nature and can be prepared without any hassle. Moreover, the beverages are also very healthy as they are made from fresh fruits and sometimes even vegetables.

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