The cuisine of Pakistan is just as diverse and full of abundant variety as are the people of Pakistan. The legacy of the Muslim rule in South Asia has enabled the Pakistani cuisine to be greatly influenced by its roots of Afghan-Turkic-Iranian roots. Most of the recipes to the cuisine of Pakistan are more or less like the Indian cuisine. The sub regional cuisine within Pakistan plays a huge part in the diversity of the Pakistani cuisine. This is specifically true for the Punjabis and the Sindhi’s in Pakistan. The Pakistani Pushtuns and Balochis have maintained their traditional cuisine similar to that of Pakistan’s western neighbors. In a rather general context, the Pakistani cuisine is a combination of its western (Afghan-Iranian) and eastern (Indian) neighbors. Meat constitutes as being a major diet in the Pakistani cuisine, on the other hand vegetables, pulses and beans are just as important. Wheat and rice are the main staple diet in the Pakistani cuisine. The spices used in the cuisine normally range from being very spicy, hot and mild. Most of the recipes that you will find in the cuisine of Pakistan will be normally spicy. Nonetheless, the cuisine of Pakistan is truly unique and traditionally preferred over other continental cuisines in Pakistan, by the foreigners and the Pakistani’s alike.

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