There are various traditional desserts in the cuisine of Pakistan. However, with the latest trends and fad influencing the region, you will find many desserts that are influenced by other cultures. Nevertheless, the most common traditional desserts that you will find in the cuisine of Pakistan are: Kheer (Vermicelli Pudding), Rice flour pudding, Besan burfi, simple milk Kheer, Gulab Jamuns, Suji Halwa, Sewian (Vermicelli), Gaajar Halwa (carrot halwa), Rasgoola, traditionally made Mango Ice cream and many more. The traditional Pakistani desserts are made in complete delicacy. Most of the desserts are not really all that sweet as are most of the Indian desserts; it depends specifically on the cook to add as much sugar in the dessert. The style and manner of preparing Pakistani desserts from the cuisine of Pakistan are easy to make and absolutely scrumptious to eat if you have a knack for traditional desserts from the overall Asian cuisine.

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