Browse All Pakistani Recipes: Pakistani Appetizers | Pakistani Beverages | Pakistani Soups | Pakistani Salads | Pakistani Vegetarian | Pakistani Meat Dishes | Pakistani Snacks | Pakistani Desserts Most of the Pakistani salads are made from chopped fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, beet roots etc added with vinegar, salt and pepper. The most common salads that you will find in the cuisine of Pakistan are the Umrood Chat salad, the famous Russian salad and Kuchumar. There are not many salads in the cuisine of Pakistan; however, most of the salads that you will find in the category of Pakistani salads are prepared from fresh vegetables and fruits that are commonly seasoned with spice, garlic and vinegar. Salads are not very common in the traditional Pakistani cuisine. Over the years, the western trend of having salads along with main course meals has greatly influenced the modern day of Pakistani cooking and eating, therefore there will be many recipes in the cuisine of Pakistan that have salad recipes originally coming from other cultures. Even though, Pakistan is rich and diverse in its cuisine, yet the traditional style of cooking and eating does not include many salads.

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