Pakistani treats are usually spicy. Pakistan is like a land of spices,basically put their spices in everything.In the cuisine of Pakistan there are a few but some of the most delicious and scrumptious snacks. Some of the very popular snacks that come in the cuisine of Pakistan are the very popular samosa’s – which are small triangular-shaped pies stuffed with potato and green and red pepper, and is a typical Panjabi dish parotkha - a sort of fried pies stuffed with cottage cheese, cabbage, potato or carrots. Some of the very traditional snacks comprise of dried fruits that are fried in salt. Undoubtedly, most of the snack dish recipes in the Pakistani cuisine comprise of Peshavari dried fruits, fresh mangos, melon, oranges, grapes, peaches and pears. The traditional Chaat snack which is made from fruits with citric juice sprinkled with spicy masala is a favorite among the Pakistani’s. Omelets and other dishes made from eggs are also common snacks served with the traditional Pakistani hot tea.

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