Most of the soups in the cuisine of Pakistan are made from either chicken or meat broths or pulses (dal). One of the most prominent soups in the cuisine of Pakistan which is also served as a main course dish sometimes is the Thus dal – which is an original thick soup, is cooked from kidney beans or peas. Usually the saucepan is half-filled with legumes, then it is filled with water to the very top, and some melted butter, powdered turmeric, red chili pepper, the greens, and some vegetables are added. Dal is used to dress boiled rice or it can be eaten by dunking flat bread into it. Most of the soups that are found in the cuisine of Pakistan are very easy and quick to make. They can range from being very hot and spicy to simply being only salty. There are recipes in the cuisine of Pakistan that require raw vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, lentil leaves along with chicken or lamb meat as desired to be simmered and cooked in a huge pot full of boiling water over night. The broth is later drained. You can leave a few meat pieces remaining in the broth, but commonly the vegetables are drained out and only the broth better known as Yakhni in Pakistan is served, with pepper and salt that is added to taste as desired.

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